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  • We believe in development of team members and exposing them to different training programs regularly to enhance their skill set.
  • We motivate our human assets to take new challenges and achieve higher growths.
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What People Say About Us

In last years I have seen lot of ups and down in our organisation, there has been sea of changes too, but thing that didn't change is that this company let's u grow in overall dimensions of sales and leadership, if you are true to yourself and with the company will support you, the biggest example is our Aurangabad region where there is a reemergence of Mr. Nitin we have seen and after lot of turbulence finally with Subhadeep on board Kolkata region also looks stable and promising.

What pollen does for me. Provides best employee oriented environment to dedicated one. Helping in personal challenges of good employees. best possible. Provide authority to those who are working with ownership. Implementation of best ground strategy to pan area. Offer true work life balance. Always believe organisation growth through manpower growth. Always provide opportunities to insiders. Believe in quality products, manpower and services. My pleasure and luck to work with deeply connected core leadership.

First of all Congratulations to all who has contributed a lot to reach Pollen to this Pinnacle position. Need to go more with our enthusiastic people, Mr.Subham, Mr.Chetan, Mr.Nitin, Mr.Gaurav, HO Team and yes the greatest gift of Leadership which I got in my career is a Boss (none other than Kumar Sir) which I feel. Best Wishes on this Foundation day to all the fellow colleagues.

A promising organization with good leadership and which enables individual to grow with their capabilities. Scientific approach in the rate driven market marks the differenrial among the competitors which sets and talks about the high standards of the promising organization. An organization to set up your career and empower yourself with people having experience of more than a decade. Finally a good Team and family-oriented environment in the professional world. Thanks to wonderful colleagues Mr.Kumar, Mr.Nitin, M. Shubham, Mr.Shubhodeep, and Mr.Gauray. Congratulations to all on the occasion of foundation day of our pollen family, Wishing all the best for the figure journey. Mr.Chen Khawale Regional Sales Manager

Mr. Shubham Sisodia

Regional Sales Manager

Mr. Nitin Waghtnode

Regional Sales Manager

Mr. Subhadip Mahapatra

Regional Sales Manager

Mr. Chetan Khawale

Regional Sales Manager